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World Facts - The Domain Name is For Sale.
Category-defining 1990s dot com domain name with unicorn potential!


Domain owner will consider reasonable offers is for sale!

This category-defining mid-1990s dot com is ideal for a panoply of use possibilities. It is easy to spell, pronounce and remember, key characteristics in a good domain.

It also has natural type-in traffic and shows well at Google. It showed an exact-match monthly hit total of 15 million, first page, top-of-page. That can cut traffic acquisition costs hugely!

Domain Insights

For those who experience sticker-shock in the face of a six, seven or eight figure domain name, a quick exploration shows that many of today's web unicorns started out paying millions of dollars or even tens of millions for their prized descriptive domain name. The list of such domain sales is long and continues to grow. But these buyers had insight.

Acquiring a great name is not an expense. It is an investment. A great domain name gives you a permanent competitive advantage. It helps your business stand out. A great domain brings inherent lead generation. Putting it another way, it means there is value to be gained from an underused quality dot com domain. A quality domain properly used increases not just the value of your business, but also of that investment in the domain itself.

Indeed, depending upon jurisdiction, you might be able to improve your balance sheet health through listing the Goodwill value of the domain, which can lead to better debt-equity ratios and lower financing costs for your overall business.

Here are traits to look for to find that winning domain:

  • It is memorable
  • It is easy to spell
  • It is easy to pronounce and hear
  • It is short
  • It is a common use dictionary word or popular combination of such words
  • It serves a top vertical
  • It has natural type-in traffic
  • It sits well in search engines, what is called an "exact-match" domain
  • It holds a high search engine placement

Getting your name right is critical. It is one of the web’s not so secret little secrets: if you want to launch a web hit, you need a great name and generally a link to its corresponding domain. Get the wrong one and you will miss business opportunities and risk an expensive rebranding.

Grab this great name before the competition!

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